Battlefield V: German Captains
Battlefield V: German Captains

I was tasked with: Taking characters from start to finish (whether kitbashed from pre-existing pieces or from-scratch), cleaning up scan data, hires sculpting (heads sculpted from scratch), creating clean game topology, UVs and textures, prepping assets and delivering feedback to outsourcing partners, purchasing character props/uniforms, dressing and scanning, leading a roster of 24 characters for an undisclosed mode to finish for the last 6 months of the project, engine integration, final quality control, etc in collaboration with direction, rigging & animation. The two German captains depicted here are my most owned pieces while on the project, but I ended up handling all characters in some capacity.

Additional Credits:

DICE Stockholm: Legs and other assets used but remeshed, reuv'd and textured over
Seth Nash: Original GER shock design; I updated it to fit art direction
U Ri So: For male captain, created hair & I did his beard
Erica Keller: Surgeon mask; I updated textures
Outsourcing: Original Force (initial torso work)
Direction: Chris Healy, Peter Hoyles
Concept Art: Siana Park, Eric Persson
Rigging/Skinning: Keqing Yi, James Zheng, Janey Yang
Weapons/Animation: Cameron Petty, Colin Cromwell, James Fiorella

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